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Stay a little longer!

Written by Leanne Brown
Published 17 May 2022

Extend your afternoon fun with an outdoor firepit!

We Aussies love entertaining outdoors, and we’ll do anything to stay outside a little longer, even as the temperature starts to drop. Fire pits are a great way to extend your afternoon fun into the early evening, so get ready to grab a glass of red and put a log or two on the fire.

If you’re in the market to buy your first fire pit, before you go shopping, you should first determine where your pit will be placed in your yard. Your chosen space will be an indicator as to the size of your fire pit, you’ll need to consider an area large enough that you can easily walk around the pit, and somewhere that will fit family and friends, when they drop by.

Choosing the perfect place for your fire pit!

You should be at least three meters away from any building or fence. It’s important to read up on local council regulations about fire pits and open fires. This information can normally be found on your councils’ website. If you live in an apartment or townhouse, you might need to check with your body corporate as to having a pit.

If you are lucky to have a big backyard, you’ll be able to go all out and install a large stone or brick fire pit. These built-in pits will last for years and will add plenty of ambience to your yard. While lovely, they can come with a heavy price tag, other alternatives are commercially available freestanding pits and large fire bowls. For smaller spaces, such as courtyards, a good choice would be a fire bowl on the smaller side. If you are renting, a lightweight portable fire pit can be a great option, as you can move them around and light them up.

Fire safety first!

Another consideration when buying your fire pit, is open fire safety around children and pets. Go for a pit that has a covered mesh top to stop little hands and paws going to close to the open fire. Also, look for a pit that might conduct the heat away from the outside of the walls of the pit, to prevent incidental burns. Choosing fire-safe flooring material for around the fire pit, like stones, gravel, pavers etc., can make a big difference in increasing safety.

Time to toast the marshmallows!

Now that you have purchased your perfect fire pit and placed it in your outdoors entertainment area, it’s time to toast your marshmallows! But first you’ll need to purchase fuel for your fire! Choosing purpose made wood bricks and pellets, made from recycled sawdust and woodchips are a great choice. For a bit of extra fire pit fun, try burning your old coffee grounds, as they will give your fire a faint coffee scent.

What not to burn in your firepit!

Materials you should never burn in your fire pit include plastics, treated and painted wood and trash, as they can all release a variety of chemical fumes that are toxic to humans and pets, and bad for the environment. Also avoid cardboard and paper, as they can contain a lot of ink, which also can release harmful chemicals into the air when burned.

Ensure your fire pit space becomes a beloved hangout by pairing it with comfortable outdoor furniture, and you’ll be sure to look forward to winter for many years to come.

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