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Waste not – want not!

Written by Leanne Brown
Published 20 October 2023

Start Your Own Compost!

Composting is a great way to dispose of all your food waste. Not only will it be great for your garden, but it will also help reduce your emissions and help our mother earth!
Most keen gardeners know of composting as their weapon for healthier plants in their gardens. You too can make compost for your garden and use it to bring out its best.
Getting started is easy, to make compost all you need Is a collection of organic matter like your kitchen food scraps, grass clippings and other leaf material, you can even use your old ground coffee beans!
Next, you will need to purchase a compost bin. Choosing the right type for your garden will depend on how much food waste your household produces and how much space you have. There are many types of bins available, however, tumbler bins are a more common choice.
Compost tumblers
are very easy to use, simply load with your food scraps and garden clippings into the barrel and then turn it every few days, in about four weeks you will have fantastic mulch or in six weeks of rich compost. The turning action ensures a healthy compost that your garden and plants will love. This type of bin is a great choice when you have pets, as it can keep most animals out due to the bin being off the ground with a lid.
Another alternative to a compost bin is a Worm Farm. This type of composting relies on the worms to do all the work within the worm farm. Worms move in and out through the holes in the unit to digest kitchen scraps and deposit rich castings into the surrounding soil. In-ground worm farms are easy-care and do not require castings to be harvested. Instead, the worms work in a sustainable system of delivering the castings directly into the surrounding soil.
Helpful hint: Be sure not to let your compost get too wet or too dry, as it is a living thing.

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Waste not – want not!

Waste not – want not!

Start Your Own Compost! Composting is a great way to dispose of all your food waste. Not only will it be great for
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