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API History


The 1923 Queensland Division of the Postal Institute was established in Brisbane at the old Police Building

On the verge of celebrating our 100th year,

here is a brief look at our history.

  •  The institute was originally established in 1918 by the Honourable William Webster, MP, in Victoria, to meet the social needs of the PMG employees, later to become Australia Post and Telstra.
  • The Institute has come a long way from its humble beginnings, originally set up in a single room with a billiard table, cards table and a reading area. It went on to becoming one of Australia’s largest social clubs across Australia.

  • The first expansion of the Institute was in New South Wales during 1921, followed by Queensland in 1923, Western Australia and Tasmania in 1924 and South Australia in 1925.

  • The Institute has held a variety of social events and educational assistances during its history, including training courses, debutante and grand balls, Christmas treats, art unions, education bursaries, sporting carnivals and many more activities held with the involvement of the numerous API branches/clubs and their volunteers.

  • API Queensland’s many business ventures over our history included: a member library, insurance brokerage, childcare/agedcare service, shopper service, API Store.

  • Today API membership is open to the public and provides benefits and services to our members Australia wide.

API Qld’s history in pictures – 1920s to 2000s