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I spy…OPSM saving!

Written by Leanne Brown
Published 28 April 2022


Many of us spend time looking after our bodies with regular exercise, however, did you know that some of the most active muscles in our body are those that control our eyes?

Our eyes also need special care to help them perform their best! On average, most of us are spending more time staring at our screens, whether it’s a computer, tablet, or a mobile phone, they all contribute to extra pressure on our eyes, that can lead to repetitive strain issues.
Digital eye strain can be caused when our eyes look at a fixed distance for a long period of time, like a screen at a close range for too long. This places immense pressure on your eye muscles and can result in hurting your eyes.
How do you know if you have Digital Eye Strain?

If you are experiencing the following symptoms, you might have Digital Eye Strain.

Tired eyes – A scratchy or sandy feeling, as if there is something in your eye.
Dry eyes – When your eyes feel achy, weak, or heavy, due to intense use.
Headaches – A continuous pain in the head.
Eye irritation – If you are experiencing itchy and burning eyes, with redness, or tearing up.
Blurred vision – Suffering a lack of sharpness in your vision.

How to reduce Digital Eye Strain!

Remember to look away for a break and blink normally while looking at your screen.
Adjust your computer screen so it’s one arm’s length in front of your face.
Reduce the amount of overhead and surrounding light that is competing with your device’s screen.
Have eye tests annually to make sure you have the appropriate vision correction for you.

To protect our precious eyes, it is recommended that we have an eye test at least every two years, or more frequently if recommended by your optometrist. Visit your local OPSM for your eye test, and while you are there ask about their range of lenses and lens coatings designed specifically for screen use to help reduce eye strain.

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