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Say it with flowers!

Written by Leanne Brown
Published 4 February 2022
Valentine’s Day presents the opportunity to show your love to your special someone and
what better way than with a big bunch of beautiful flower!


Sure, you can give roses, but have you ever thought about giving an orchid instead?

There are a couple of things you need to think about before you place your order with the florist; like picking the right colour flowers to express your feelings.
Sending red flowers means passion and love, perfect for Valentine’s Day. Yellow shows happiness and hope and orange is energy and vitality. Many flowers also have meanings associated with them.  
I’ve selected a couple of the more frequently used blooms in bouquets to share their meaning to make your bunch even more special!
ROSE – Meaning (Love, passion)
IRIS – Meaning (Friendship)
HYACINTH – Meaning (Sorry)
CHRYSANTHEMUM – Meaning (Friendship)
SUNFLOWER – Meaning (Happiness)
ORCHID – Meaning (Love, beauty)


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