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Achieve the perfect Christmas tree in four simple steps!

Written by Leanne Brown
Published 24 November 2021

Have you ever wondered how to decorate your Christmas tree, so it looks like you have hired a professional decorator? Follow our easy decorating steps and you too can trim a perfect tree. Make sureyou check API before you buy, for anything new needed for your display!

Step 1. Up goes the Christmas tree

Choose a central location to set up your tree, like the lounge room, and somewhere close to a power point for the lights. If your tree is artificial, make sure you spread out the individual branches, so they are nice and full and not too flat after being packed away all year.

Step 2. Hang the tree lights

Lighting your tree from the inside out will give it the best look by adding depth and highlighting your ornaments. Lights come in a variety of wire strand colours, try to match the colour to your tree to help hide the wires. Start at the top of the tree and work your way down, wrapping lights around every major branch, moving around the tree. Tip: Make sure you check the lights work before setting them up!

Step 3. Hang the tree garland

There are no firm rules to decorating with garland, simply start at the top of the tree and slowly increase the amount of garland between each wave as you work your way down the branches.
Tip: Try not to make the tree too busy by keeping to the same type of garland.

Step 4. Add the tree ornaments

Now comes the fun part, hanging your ornaments. Before you start decorating, choose a colour scheme or theme. Start by picking out your favourite pieces to hang in front. Next, space the larger ornaments evenly around the tree and fill in with smaller pieces. Hang some items closer to the bottom of the tree to create depth. Finish dressing the tree by adding the more delicate items, such as icicles and clip on decorations. Lastly add your Angel or Star on top.


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